Malia Gardella
Malia Gardella


Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach

500hr Registered Yoga Teacher

Owner / Head Coach

Malia Gardella

Growing up active she quickly became frustrated with the lack of information to help women throughout their ever changing fitness needs. After the birth of her children she needed support and guidance in her return to fitness. When she couldn't find the help she needed, she made it her mission to learn all she could, to keep others from the confusion and frustration she experienced. As she has grown as a coach and in her stage of life her desire to learn has never faded. She remains on mission to learn how to coach women well, no matter their stage of life. Whether pre or postnatal or on the rollercoaster of aging gracefully and entering peri menopause and beyond, she wants to help women to navigate their changing fitness needs with strength and confidence.

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Malia has been a faithful member of S.L.A.M. Fairbanks since the very beginning, becoming an instructor in 2017, she has now moved into the role of owner. Originally from Hawaii, this mama found her community in Alaska and couldn’t imagine life without her S.L.A.M. family. She is a boy mom to two adventurous wild things and loves every crazy moment. She loves a little friendly competition and helping women crush their fitness goals, whatever season they may be in.

Her passion is helping women find strength through ever stage of life, whether its pre/postnatal, peri-menopause or beyond.